Puppy Videos

Watch Videos Sent By Our Adopting Families Of Their Beautiful Mini-Bernedoodle Puppies

We continue to receive short video clips of our Mini-Bernedoodle puppies at different ages after being adopted by their new families. If you would like to see more pictures and videos check out our Instagram Page.

She is such a good girl!

She is such a good girl! Y’all really do a good job socializing them. She’s so loving and easygoing.

Arrived safe and sound

Arrived safe and sound. Thank you!

Mr. Oakley

Mr. Oakley (8/10/22) now Bruin is 6 months old!!!! I wish I could capture exactly how handsome he is!! He has been such an amazing puppy. He weighs 36 lbs and has not had any health issues!! He knows too many commands to list, he still remains on his puppy kibble he came on, he loves treats, and he is completely predictable and on a great schedule. He started puppy classes last night and the instructor commented that he was well-bred and a clean puppy when I told her he hasn’t peed in his crate since night 2! (And that was completely my fault and not knowing his schedule). We could not be happier with this ball of fluff. The most frequent comment we get is that a stuffed animal?!!!

Our Little Charlotte

We just wanted to let you know how wonderful our little Charlotte (formerly Inky) is doing! She is so smart and had all of these tricks learned by her second day with us!! We just love her so much!

Mr. Ken

We received Mr. Ken at about 10:30 last night. He is absolutely perfect! He slept all night long, and has been running around playing. Thank you so so much! My husband and I will probably be looking for a puppy in the next year or so and hope to purchase another from you. Thank you again!! My sister is so so happy!!

Puppy Surprise

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