Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Dive into some that tend to pop up frequently. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you want more info or have additional questions; we’re always happy to chat!

Do you offer puppy delivery?

Yes! Around 85% of the puppies we raise are delivered. We work with a trusted puppy delivery service called Furry Trails Pet Transport that can deliver your puppy right to your doorstep within days of when you reserve your puppy. We arrange all the details with Furry Trails and you’ll get updates with all the details you’ll need to know. All puppies travel in a special puppy delivery van in individual crates. Our puppy-adopting parents have been very happy with this service.

What is a Mini-Bernedoodle anyway?

Great question! A Mini-Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle. We think they make wonderful pets and our children think so too. They’re small enough to fit into a household easily (without eating up your food budget) but big enough to go hiking or running. They are also very smart and great to train.

What’s the difference between a Bernedoodle and a Mini-Bernedoodle?

A standard Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a standard-size Poodle. These normally weigh in around 80-90 lbs. full grown. A Mini-Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle. They weigh around 25-40 lbs. full-grown. We think a Mini-Bernedoodle is the way to go as they are the perfect size for a great family pet.

Where are you located?

We are located in northeast Ohio (Holmes County) about halfway between Cleveland and Columbus. We’re about 60 miles to the Cleveland Hopkins airport and about 85 miles to the Columbus International airport. We would love to have you come visit and see our puppies! Just contact us to schedule a time.

What Is The Difference Between F1, F1B, F2, and Micro, Mini-Bernedoodles

  • F1 Mini-Bernedoodle (First Generation):
    • An F1 Bernedoodle is the first generation cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle.
    • This cross results in a dog that is 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Miniature Poodle.
  • F1B Mini-Bernedoodle (First Generation Backcross):
    • An F1B Bernedoodle is a backcross between an F1 Mini-Bernedoodle and a Miniature Poodle.
    • The “B” in F1B stands for backcross. This breeding is done to enhance certain traits such as hypoallergenic coat qualities.
    • F1B Bernedoodles are typically 75% Poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • F2 Bernedoodle (Second Generation):
    • An F2 Bernedoodle is the result of breeding two F1 Bernedoodles together.
    • In terms of genetic makeup, an F2 Bernedoodle is 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Poodle, similar to the F1 generation.
  • Micro Mini-Bernedoodle:
    • The term “Micro Mini-Bernedoodle” refers to a smaller size variant within the Bernedoodle breed.
    • Although the size of a Micro Mini-Bernedoodle can vary, they are usually between 20-25 pounds.
    • Micro Mini-Bernedoodle puppies are a cross between an F1 Mini-Bernedoodle and a Toy Poodle.


Here’s what our past customers had to say about adopting their Mini Bernedoodle puppies…

Beautiful Puppy

We are in Oklahoma and purchased this beautiful puppy from this breeder. They transported him to Oklahoma, with an amazing delivery service, and he’s the best dog ever!! He is almost 2 years old.

Shelly Waters

Can’t thank you enough!!!

Toby turned 2yrs yesterday 2/9.Can’t thank you enough for the most adorable, loving addition to our family. ❤️❤️Toby’s name means God is good, it is so true !!We are blessed !!

I love my new puppy. Thanks!

Grady has been a great, lively addition to my family. He gets along great with my 6 year old, 96 lb., Newfiepoo. I am so glad I got him.

Barbara Isaacson

Love our pup

Everything that was promised on the website was delivered. Great customer service and friendliness was much appreciated. We got our pup. Mr. Edison when he was nine weeks old and now our pup whose name…

Debra Wisniewski

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