Refund and Returns Policy

Our puppy refund and returns policy is as follows:

DEPOSIT: The deposit of $200 to reserve a puppy is non-refundable. We can apply the deposit to a different puppy than the one reserved if needed.

PUPPY HEALTH: Buyer has 1 month or 20 business days to have puppy vet checked by a licensed vet of the buyer’s choice. If in this time the buyer discovers any hereditary issues that the seller (The Bernedoodles) was unaware of and had not previously mentioned prior to purchase date, the seller will be responsible to replace the puppy with a canine of similar value or return the buyer’s money in exchange for the puppy. The Bernedoodles shall not owe the purchaser any money unless the puppy is returned to The Bernedoodles for our vet to verify that the puppy does in fact have a hereditary disease.

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