Step 1:
Find Your Puppy

Whenever we have a litter available, we post each puppy on our TheBernedoodles Facebook page and @theminibernedoodles Instagram page, which you’ll find below…

Step 2:
Reserve Your Puppy

Puppies can’t be adopted until they are 8 weeks old… So, to ensure you get your pick of the litter, simply contact us and we’ll hold your puppy for you.

Step 3:
Adopt Your Puppy

Once the puppy is 8 weeks old, we’ll work with you to get the puppy to you in the safest way possible… and ensure a healthy transition to your home.

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We Can Deliver Your puppy!

We offer hand delivery of your puppy right to your door anywhere in the continental US! We don’t fly your puppy… we deliver him in a specially designed puppy coach that lets your pup stay comfortable and relaxed the whole trip.


Choose delivery when you reserve your puppy and we’ll handle the rest. Questions? Call or text us at (330) 600-8424