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Welcome to The Bernedoodles… Here you can find out all about The Bernedoodles and who we are. Meet our family who loves each puppy so much. Our 10-year old son, Joshua cares for these puppies and makes sure they know they are loved. It is our mission to find loving forever homes for them. Our Mini-Bernedoodles are great socially, have a fun, cheerful personality, and garner lots of attention wherever you go. If you’re interested, start by checking out our puppies below & then get in touch by clicking the button below! If you’re interested, start by checking out our puppies below & then get in touch by clicking the button below!

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Here's why we're raising the best Mini-Bernedoodles on the planet!

We’re a family of 6 located in the middle of Ohio… in a small town called Sugarcreek that is also known as “The Little Switzerland of Ohio.”

A couple years ago, we adopted a Champion Sired Bernese Mountain dog (female) that my boys quickly named Kyrie after the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player, Kyrie Irving.

Our children wanted puppies, so we talked to a local breeder who suggested we breed Kyrie to a poodle since there are a lot less genetic issues. That’s the first we heard of Bernedoodles.

Not long after, we had our first litter of the cutest Bernedoodle puppies… and people LOVED them!

In ONLY a couple hours of posting them up for adoption online, they were all accounted for and went to join new families.

Enjoying the experience (and because of high demand) we connected with more Bernese Mountain dog females and started breeding them to miniature poodle males…

We found just the right males that gave all our puppies the most vibrant colors and a smaller size… thus the Mini-Bernedoodle.

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We Can Deliver Your puppy!

We offer hand delivery of your puppy right to your door anywhere in the continental US! We don’t fly your puppy… we deliver him in a specially designed puppy coach that lets your pup stay comfortable and relaxed the whole trip.


Choose delivery when you reserve your puppy and we’ll handle the rest. Questions? Call or text us at (330) 600-8424