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Our goal is not only to provide you with a high-quality puppy, but to give you everything you need to make the transition for your new puppy as smoothly as possible!


Welcome to The Bernedoodles… Meet the cutest fur babies ever! Also, meet our family who loves each puppy so much. Our 10-year-old son, Joshua cares for these puppies and makes sure they know they are loved. It is our mission to find loving forever homes for them. Our Mini Bernedoodles are great socially, have a fun, cheerful personality, and garner lots of attention wherever you go. If you’re interested, start by checking out our puppies below & then get in touch by clicking the button below!

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Here's why we're raising the best Mini Bernedoodles on the planet!

We’re a family of 9 located in the middle of Ohio… In a small town called Sugarcreek that is also known as “The Little Switzerland of Ohio.”

Our family moved back from serving in Asia as missionaries in May 2018. At this time my son Joshua was 8 years old. His love for dogs got us thinking about a worthwhile mission here. We decided to connect with a few of the best breeders in our local area and help puppies find great forever homes. This led to a special connection with the mini bernedoodles. Their the perfect size to go on hikes with and yet they stay the cutest dog ever even when fully grown. Thus birthed our website offering only the best of puppies to the best of homes.

Our 7 children all love these puppies and love to see follow up photos of the great families these puppies join. We want to feel that every puppy adopted has fulfilled the need of the specific family or couple or person that he or she will be a companion to. This gives us not only a mission for the puppy but also to the family they join. We have many, may happy customers who we have enjoyed interacting with and find it fulfilling to be a servant to all of you in this way. We live with the conviction that doing a service to others is the highest form of satisfaction in life.

We choose just the right males and have only the most beautiful mom to get puppies with the very best hair coats and smaller sizes. We will always provide you with photos of both the mom and the daddy of your puppy.

Our Latest Bernedoodle Puppies

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Only the best for our pups

We make a promise to our customers to never sell dogs from puppy mills. We only offer dogs for adoption from reputable family breeders we know and trust. Our puppies are lovingly cared for in our climate-controlled facility until you take them home. Each puppy comes with a health guarantee and has been vet checked and kept up-to-date on all vaccinations.

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Step 1:
Find Your Puppy

Whenever we have a litter available, we post each puppy here on our website as well as our Facebook page. You can also sign up for our new litter alerts texts and emails and be notified as soon as new puppy litters are ready.

Step 2:
Reserve Your Puppy

Puppies can’t be adopted until they are 8 weeks old… So, to ensure you get your pick of the litter, simply contact us and we’ll hold your puppy for you.

Step 3:
Adopt Your Puppy

Once the puppy is 8 weeks old, we’ll work with you to get the puppy to you in the safest way possible… and ensure a healthy transition to your home.

Safe Delivery of Your Puppy

We can deliver your puppy safe and sound right to your door anywhere in the continental US with our puppy delivery service! Your puppy will be delivered safely by puppy bus or car to make things convenient for you and your puppy.


Our goal is not only to provide you with a high-quality puppy, but to give you everything you need to make the transition for your new puppy as smoothly as possible!

Dog Food Bowl


You get a sample bag of the same puppy food the puppy is used to that will keep his diet in check…

Dog Blanket


To keep the puppy from becoming too anxious, we include a blanket that they are familiar with.

Dog Toy


Another way to create a smooth transition... We send along a favorite toy that your puppy loves.

Dog Microchip


To protect your puppy from being lost or stolen, your puppy will receive a custom microchip…

Dog Vaccine


We always have your puppy up to date with all shots and vet visits. You’ll get all the records for your puppy.

health guarantee


Each puppy comes with a 1 year genetic guarantee that covers any genetic issues that may occur.


Here’s what our past customers had to say about adopting their Mini Bernedoodle puppies…

IMG 0755 copy cutie

OMG. We love her!!! First night in the crate, not a peep!!!  Second night no peep either. She’s definitely a Cutie.

Tammy Collette
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Many thanks, Elton!  We LOVE our Opie!  Thank you!

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Bennie arrived yesterday and he is adorable, loving, and smart! He has already learned sit, down, crate, and almost has “shake” down! He is not shy or nervous about anything. He is going potty outside!

Nanette Todd
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Thank you, Elton and family! We absolutely love Me Leon (now Kodi as in Kodiak bear). He is a delight! Funny and smart. He is such a great companion. I must confess, I was worried

Rosanne Reuille

We LOVE our mini Bernedoodle!!!

thumb Elton Yoder
September 17, 2022

I had a great experience with them. They worked with me. Knew how much I wanted one and exactly what I was wanting. Would let me know every time they... read more

thumb Tammy Hartman
March 17, 2022

Elton and his family are always great to work with and have the most beautiful Mini Bernedoodle Puppies around!

thumb Trenton Hostetler
September 17, 2022

We found our beautiful puppy online. I was a little reluctant to buy online but she is the most wonderful puppy. Obviously Elton and his family care deeply for their... read more

thumb mike baker
March 17, 2022

Elton and his family do an excellent job taking care of their mini-bernedoodle puppies and getting them ready to be adopted. We loved working with them and will recommend The... read more

thumb Weldon Hostetler
March 17, 2022
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We offer hand delivery of your puppy right to your door anywhere in the continental US! We don’t fly your puppy… we deliver him in a specially designed puppy coach that lets your pup stay comfortable and relaxed the whole trip.


Choose delivery when you reserve your puppy and we’ll handle the rest. Questions? Call or text us at (330) 600-8424