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We love her!!!

IMG 0755 copy cutie

OMG. We love her!!! First night in the crate, not a peep!!!  Second night no peep either. She’s definitely a Cutie.

Tammy Collette

We LOVE our Opie!

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Many thanks, Elton!  We LOVE our Opie!  Thank you!

Sweetest Pup &; Smart!

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Bennie arrived yesterday and he is adorable, loving, and smart! He has already learned sit, down, crate, and almost has “shake” down! He is not shy or nervous about anything. He is going potty outside! He adore children and loves to lay on my feet. Slept in his dog bed all night and didn’t whimper

Nanette Todd

Absolutely love this guy!

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Thank you, Elton and family! We absolutely love Me Leon (now Kodi as in Kodiak bear). He is a delight! Funny and smart. He is such a great companion. I must confess, I was worried about an online purchase. But this went so smoothly. Absolutely on the up and up. Don’t hesitate to pick out

Rosanne Reuille

She’s the most amazing dog anyone could ever have!

Mr. Yoder, we bought Glenda, now call Sophie Ann two years ago in June. She’s the most amazing dog anyone could ever have! She plays Frisbee catching at 130 ft. Super intelligent, kind, and so loving. She can outperform Border Collies. We believe she was our gift from God. Thanks.

Joseph Bishman

She Is A Delightful Puppy

IMG 0146 review phoebe

Hi Elton and Laura. June (now called Phoebe) is very happy in her new home and loves her big brother Winston. 😊 She is a delightful puppy, very smart and sweet and we love her.  🥰 She checked out with perfect health at the vet. Thank you, best, Kim

He has been such a blessing to our family

IMG 9579 review

Just wanted to thank you for this amazing dog. He has been such a blessing to our family. Thanks again.

Such A Smart, Sweet, And Fun Boy

IMG 3444 review baker

Baker is such a smart, sweet, and fun boy.  Thank you for being a great breeder.  The training and transport were exceptional. ❤️ Sooo handsome and intelligent. ❤️

Best Puppy

Screenshot 20230221 202541 Photos

Formerly Gina now Maggie May is the best puppy and very hyper but beautiful and very sweet!

Patricia blue

I am in LOVE

20230221 144740
My son found Spencer (Zwig) for me. I had a broken heart because I lost my beloved Higgins. Well let me tell you this puppy is the light of my life. What a character he is. Spencer is like velcro to me. He was delivered to my door at 5:10 am. I was kept up

Patti Finelli

Such an amazing puppy!

IMG 3280
Mr. Oakley (8/10/22) now Bruin is 6 months old!!!!  I wish I could capture exactly how handsome he is!!  He has been such an amazing puppy. He weighs 36 lbs and has not had any health issues!!  He knows too many commands to list, he still remains on his puppy kibble he came on, he loves treats, and

Happy 1st Birthday Daisy Mae!!

IMG 7290
Happy 1st Birthday Daisy Mae!! We named her this because, in her very first video with your beautiful daughter, she stopped to smell a flower that looked like a little Daisy. She is around 25 to 35 lbs. We love her so much. She loves playing with her many friends at the dog park near

Love our new puppy!

IMG 20230203 103430 161
The people at The Bernedoodles make your puppy adoption so easy. The drivers are wonderful, they kept me informed the whole trip from Ohio to Washington. We adopted Faith, now known as Stella. We love our doodle, she is doing great, just had her first puppy class. Thank you so much for everything. I will

Bonnie Otis

Teddy and Penny

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I love Teddy and Penny they are sweet all the time!

Lila Jane Earnest

We are so happy to have Mr. Brew in our home!

Mr. Brew
I’m so happy I bought my baby from this Bernedoodle family. I picked Mr. Brew… AKA Drew up almost 2 weeks ago. He is learning quickly and is registered for a puppy training class in February.🙂 Elton was very friendly to work with, and my husband and I loved experiencing the Sugarcreek area prior to

Lisa Marie P.

Our amazing Paisley, stops people in their tracks!

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We lost our previous Bernadoodle and I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted another dog. My husband took me to The “Bernadoodle’s” home and we knew we wanted Hannah (now Paisley) Every where we go people stop us and take pics of her. And she absolutely loves the cat! 😁 We can absolutely recommend purchasing

Becky Rak

Thank You For Everything!

Review Image 1

Hello,  Just wanted to reach out to thank you for everything. We had Amy’s first vet visit today and she is doing good.


Love our Bernadoodle

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Elton made this process as easy as possible! We picked our puppy out on his website and fell in love. When she was handed to us literally from the driver, we fell in love even more!!! Door to door delivery – who needs a stork? Ms.Daisy is now Georgi and she’s almost housebroken already and

Marcy Sneir

We are enjoying our 2 pups!

20221224 132015
We are enjoying our 2 boys, Sebastian ( superman) and Denali ( Samson). They are fun to watch play together and have proven how smart and easy they are to train. We hung a strip of bells on door and they quickly learned to hit them to go out . Thank you for the wonderful

Terry Webb

Bernetta (aka Bernie)

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Bernie (formerly Ms. Megan) joined my family a week ago today! She is amazing. Already potty trained at home and working through the training during the day as she comes to work with me daily. I could not have received a more perfect puppy — thank you Elton and family!

Ronnie Hoey

So thankful!

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We really appreciate the wonderful pup we received from Elton and his family! Our Shanti (formerly Bella) is the sweetest, most loving, and smart dog we have ever had. Here she is after her first mini-groom at 17 weeks! Best decision we ever made to get a pup from them! We are incredibly grateful and

Debi Papa

Ollie (aka Socks) Born 8/24/2022

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We adopted Ollie (aka Socks). 8/24/2022., birth date. He is the absolute sweetest. Now just a bit over 4 months he has learned so much. He has learned to ring the bells for the potty which has been a great thing. No accidents except for the occasional over-excitement. He is learning new tricks every day,

Stephanie Baker

Beautiful puppy

She has been a joy from day one.

Pat Recknor

Charlie is perfect!

I was so against purchasing off of a website. Then we stumbled upon The Bernedoodles. I had already almost been scammed so to say I proceeded with caution was an understatement. I called Elton and he actually answered the phone. Big plus! 🙂 We had several conversations and he answered all my questions. I put

Paige Graham

He is a great pup!

IMG 2493 1
Just to give you an update. Bruin went for his wellness, rabies & distemper. He weighs 23.4 lbs and is a perfect picture of health. He knows several commands and loves to do them for treats. Stays in his crate from 9-6, all night without making a peep and hasn’t had any accidents in their

Amazing Experience!!

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We were nervous about buying a puppy online at first but as soon as we got there all of our nerves went away! They treated the dogs so good and you could tell they have a great family. Theodore (Mr. Harvey) is a perfectly healthy little man and is perfect for our family. He loves

Kassidi Kirkpatrick

We got EXACTLY what we wanted!!

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The entire transaction was very quick and easy. Elton was always responsive, gave me his direct contact number, answered any questions I had, was very professional, and obviously knowledgeable about breeding these puppies. We did a lot of research and extremely happy with our decision. We got a gorgeous, healthy, happy, well socialized puppy that

Melody & Pete Simpson

A Great Experience

IMG 20221208 212926
We adopted Ms Clover and recieved her on Dec 7th. We had a lot of reservations and anxieties about buying a dog online from another state and being just pictures. I will say this, it was a good experience and so glad we did. Everything went fairly smooth and we now have our new addition.

Chuck McMillen

The best doggo!

Ms Gloria, now known as Rocky arrived yesterday evening. We are so thrilled with our pup! She is so sweet, friendly, and affectionate. I was nervous purchasing a pup sight unseen, but have NO regrets. Elton was wonderful to work with and I would recommend him and his pups to everyone! Thank you for our

Toni Wyatt

A ball of energy and comedy

Good evening Elton. I got Amber/aka Zula from you guys one year ago.   She averages between 28-30 pounds and is about 13 inches tall.   She is funny and very attached to both her big sister Ava and to me. She’s my shadow. She communicates with all kinds of various vocal noises. It is


Sweetest puppy ever!

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This was our first day with him 🙂 Oh my goodness he is the sweetest puppy ever. We love him so much already. Thank you so much! He is such a blessing to our family ❤️ we named him Bear!


IMG 3823 review

She is PERFECTION. We love her. So much!!!! Thank you Elton!

Our Birthday Boy!

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Our birthday boy is one year old today! Derby (Rafa) has been a great addition to our family. He has a great disposition and loves everyone. We could not be happier. From the first contact with Elton to the day we picked our Derby up, the process was great. Thank you!

Kristin Hill

I can’t say enough good

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I can’t say enough good things about the whole process. So easy and friendly to deal with. I absolutely love the puppy we adopted!!! He is so social and blended in great with all our other fur babies!

Dawn Petrus

Perfect Adoption

Our Furry Friend arrived by Bus to us in Georgia last Wednesday night. WE ARE IN TOTAL LOVE!!! The entire experience from beginning to end was Perfect in EVERY WAY!!! Elton was a delight to work with in the adoption process. When we found Alysha on their website it was love at first sight. We

Scott J Jordan

Churro (Mr. Victor) settled right in at our home….

IMG 20221122 211646

Churro has evolved into an incredible, loving addition to our family. He is so smart and fluffy. He has fit right in as one of our children. Thank you guys so much, Elton was such a pleasure to work with….

Thomas Was

Precious perfection!

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We looked for a doodle for over 5 years! The process of adopting our puppy with this wonderful family was seemless! Our friends also adopted from them as well as our daughter and son-in-law! The breeders care and kindness were remarkable! Grateful beyond.

Liza Cohen

Many thanks for our puppy!

IMG 2026
Dear Elton and family, Many thanks for our puppy! The hard work and care of your entire family are so much appreciated. He arrived to us in April and we have been so happy since Kirby arrived. He is healthy and has a great personality. He is almost 10 months now and weighs 27lbs. May

They are so excellently socialized!!!

IMG 4166 review

Hello Mr. Yoder!   This is Tina S that bought the puppies from you a few weeks ago.   Thanks so much!!! We love them so much. They are perfect and awesome.    Thank your kids for all their great work with the pups. They are so excellently socialized!!!

He’s such a great pup!

IMG 0247 review

We love our little baby! He’s such a great pup.

She has the BEST personality!

IMG 9363 review
Angela (new name Chloe) has brought our family so much joy, laughter, and love.  This is our best family pet ever & I’m going to beg my husband for a 2nd puppy next year.  She has the BEST personality, so loving, fun yet calm too.  We are beyond thrilled and obsessed with her.  Thank you

She is a delight and perfect addition to our family!

IMG 4375

We are absolutely loving Amelia. She is a delight and perfect addition to our family. Thanks for your helpfulness!!

Birthday Boy

PXL 20221103 185502263.PORTRAIT

Today our little boy turned one year old. He was born 11/07/2021. His name is Enzo, litter name was Owen. His Mother was Fiona. He now weighs 39.8 pounds. He is such a joy and we love him very much! Thank you Elton and the for making the whole puppy adoption process so wonderful.

Charlie & Donna Jojola

The best puppy ever

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We love Arnie. He is 6 mo now. He weighs 27 pounds. We have his hair longer for winter. He’s our little Bear! ❤️❤️

Georgie. Dorries

Thank you so much

IMG 9275 review

Thank you so much for our Charlie aka Taro… love him so much!! If I know of anyone else that would be interested in a puppy I would highly recommend you. The Furry Trails people are amazing as well!!! I’ve never had an experience like this and it’s been truly wonderful!!! ♥️♥️♥️

You really produce amazing puppies!!

Hi Elton, just wanted to pass on our little family addition from a year ago. She is still so cute a year later. She has a wonderful temperament, is extremely intelligent, and LOVES being touched and near the family. You really produce amazing puppies!! Thanks again – Greg P.S. I cannot tell you how many

Greg Gonzalez


review IMG 7988

We LOVE OUR NEW BOY KODA!!!!! Thank you so so much we’re so happy and he’s such a good boy

She is a perfect puppy.

gracie review

Hi Elton. Celebrating Gracie’s birthday today. She’s been great!  She only weighs 27 pounds on her first birthday. We love her so much. She is a perfect puppy.

I picked the best Mini-Bernedoodle Breeder

IMG 0632 2
We received Van delivery of our mini-Bernedoodle from “the Bernedoodles” in Sugarcreek, Ohio July 27, 2022. The entire experience couldn’t have been better. We had a timing issue that Elton Yoder solved for us in the best way possible. He was a delight to work with responding to all my questions quickly and best of

Steve Steinfeldt

We LOVE Them!!!!

We LOVE Them

Just received our two beautiful girls, and we LOVE them!!!! They are so well behaved!!!!!! 1st day in their crate and potty training has been great.  Again can’t thank you enough…and I promise they’ll have an awesome life just like my other Girls did.

Love Her To Bits


She is the best and we just love her to bits.

Sweet Boy


Our Benny is now 8 months old He is around 34 lbs… He is such a sweet boy and so smart.

Our big boy…


Our big boy… We named him Loki Bear. We love him so much. Loki is so smart, he knows all his commands, place, crate, sit, lay, high five, paw, stay. Just stunningly handsome. He weighs 38 lbs and is already over 1 year old.

Great addition to our family

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We had Maverick for 2 months now and his doing great, he is very affectionate towards our family and friends and he can play all day long thank you, Elton and family.

Paulo capin

Such a sweetheart

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We love our pup! He is about 10 months old and has grown up to be such a sweet and smart boy. Great with kids and other animals ♥️


Love Muffin

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Super happy with my puppy purchase. Brigley aka Mr. Vernon is sweet, soft, smart as a whip, and loves my dogs and my moms, as well as myself and my kids! Definitely would purchase again! Elton was great to work with and they have reasonable transport fees.

Jennessa Iannitelli

Wonderful Experience!

IMG 20220831 WA0003
Morning Elton! Just wanted you to know we love our new puppy and our bernedoodle is getting along with him better than I expected! Your process was so smooth. Your responsiveness and setting of expectations with the delivery was perfect. Thank you for making this such an easy and wonderful experience! Look at my two

We got Mr. Jeffery back

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We got Mr. Jeffery back in the beginning of June. He’s been a great addition to our empty nest syndrome and he is a very sweet pup! He’s nearly 5 months old and just over 18 pounds. Loves to snuggle and have his belly rubbed and he’s VERY smart!!

Kim M

Healthy and Beautiful

Izabela review
Hi Elton, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for our puppy ( ms. Wonder girl) now Willow. She has changed our lives tremendously and we love her lots. She is healthy and beautiful. She loves to swim and catch the frisbee. The process of acquiring a puppy from you was smooth and

Izabela Mere

First Hair Cut!!!

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This is Arnie. He’s 17 weeks old and loves the pool! Very smart and loves other dogs and children. He also started his training. Now weighs 20 lbs. Love him. ❤️❤️

Georgie. Dorries

Mini Bernerdoodle

E1373988 A5C9 4309 A9B0 BBB463491BC2

Our Willow arrived at our front door on 12/25/22. She is the best puppy ever. Healthy and super smart.

Izabela Mere

She is here!!


She is here!! Thank you so so much!! 😀 She is very snuggly, you were right about that!!

Thank you ♥️


She’s here and we are so happy! Thank you ♥️ My 10 year old cried tears of joy! I had to share…she is so loved already ♥️

35lbs of love!


We got our Murphy from you and he’s 9 months old now. He’s the best dog I’ve ever had! He’s 35lbs of love!

Jack (Mr. Eric)

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Jack is 19 weeks! We are so in love with this perfect puppy! He has the best demeanor, trainable, smart, beautiful, and loves everyone. We could not be happier. We call him “Jackpot” all the time because he must know he hit the jackpot when he landed with us because we are IN LOVE with

Teresa Hobbs

In love!

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Got my puppy formerly named Nate, now Opie yesterday! This is the sweetest family that have these pups and I just love Opie! Playful, sweet-natured, and road home with me on a 5-hour trip without any problems. Nothing shakes him and he slept all nite his first night home! He is loved!

Vickie short


IMG 9705 Tucker

Tucker’s had a fabulous week! We’re overjoyed and our hearts are full of gratitude. Most of the neighbor’s dogs think that he’s a stuffed animal! And vet check went well and he is perfect!!

So lovable and friendly!

IMG 0595 review
Dear Elton, Greetings from California!  Ruby arrived on Thursday afternoon and has adapted beautifully to her new life here.  We took her to the vet today and she is now all checked out, the vet reports she is doing very well.  My five-year-old grandson has been over to our house for visits most of the

Rom and Sue

Sleeping through the night

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Arnie has always slept through the night from the start. He is the best boy. We have had Arnie 1 month now, he is beginning to get the potty training down and will start training in a few weeks. He is the best. Georgie. Dan

Georgie Dorries

We love him!!!! Perfect

FBA5A41C FBB0 4EEA ADE7 63D333C4AA92 1

Arnie is now 14 weeks. He is adapting to his new home. He is funny and smart. Loves our pool. Arnie was Ego. So glad we got him. Perfect for us and our family. Thank you.

Georgie Dorries

Amazingly adaptable puppy. So Smart

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Our Mini Bernedoodle “Mr Vince” (aka Cooper) arrived at 10 pm Thursday night, July 21. He immediately jumped into our arms and snuggled up. He is very smart and playful and loving. And already microchipped. Mr Vince is everything I was hoping for in a puppy. It’s obvious he came from a family who really

Karen Joiner

Still loving our girl, Luna

59419520 BFC0 4761 8AFD 408D4F9DC09E 2

Still loving our girl, Luna (litter name Ms. Olivia) born 11-7-21. ❤️🐾

Ruth Coffman

Terrific Tremendous True Tolerant Talented Tranquil Thriving TUCKER

3E376F50 22BA 40AD AB3B CE7CC6413AE3 1
We love our Mini BerneDoodle Tucker who is now a healthy 7 month old.. He was delivered via AndyFurryPet Transport happy and well-loved and adjusted quickly to his new surroundings. He is friendly, gregarious and the new neighborhood mascot! He loves people, other dogs and hairless puppies (aka children)!!!❤️ Thank you Elton Yoder and family

Cecelia Rappaport

Could not be happier!!!!!

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Picked up this little guy from you yesterday, and could not be happier!!!!!

We love him!

IMG 0658

Puppy (Arnold) arrived last night. We were so happy to see him. He was a little shy at first, but getting more comfortable. He is adorable!! We love him! Thank you so much. 🥰

Such a great joy!

IMG 4194

I want to say thank you so much for Marley and for helping us with the cost!  We all love her so much and she is such a great joy!

Our Sunshine!


DaisyMae is a precious bundle of fur that has brought so much into our lives. She is sweet, smart and full of puppy energy! She is exactly what we had hoped she would be – happiness!

Penny Jones

Best dog EVER

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Thank you so much for this wonderful dog! This breeder is amazing. We could not have asked for a better dog. The process was so smooth. Auggie was delivered right to our door. Auggie was clearly socialized and well crate trained. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so much Elton and Furry Trails Transportation.

Lisa Kromer

Love at first sight

906FA504 72BA 4721 ACCF 767807522536

“Weezy” (aka Miss Daffodil) arrived today. She is such a precious and smart little girl. We are all in love with her. ❤️

Cameron Laidlaw

Our new baby

IMG 0165 review

This is our new baby that arrived to us yesterday 😍😍😍

Love at first sight!!!

Thank you for (Thomas) who we named Barkley!!!! And thank you for his blanket & ball! He loves playing with the ball! ❤️ It only took us about 3 min and it was love at first sight!!! He arrived last night safe & sound at 1:30! Great people who brought him.

Part of our life

IMG 3681 Sofia

Good morning, Elton, Sofia has adapted to her new environment quite well!!  We already feel she has been part of our life since “the beginning of times.” We hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.



IMG 0063 fern

THE MOST ADORABLE DOGGIE!  Thank you, Elton A THOUSAND TIMES, Ms. Fern (Sofia now) is the most gentle soul – a true 😇

Their smile says it all!

IMG 5705 Nash copy

Thanks so much for Nash he and CoCo have made the best of friends. Their smile says it all! 🖤

A handsome young boy.

IMG 0012 handsome

We got our puppy from this seller and he turned out to be quite a handsome young boy. He is 7-8 months old.

Part of the family!

IMG 0027 jennifer e1656521499106

Hello Elton! Ms. Jennifer (aka Merfie) is definitely part of the family!

David Powers

First haircut!

IMG 5701 pup rev

Wilson is growing every day! He is almost 5 months now and got his first haircut!

The hit of our family.

IMG 9884 Murfee

Hello Elton! Ms. Jennifer, now known as Murfee, is the hit of our family. She already fits in as if she knew this would be her forever home! We all love her!

David & Terri Powers

Calm, lovable puppy.

IMG 5672

We have the most beautiful, calm, lovable puppy from here ❤️

We already LOVE him

IMG 1336 review

He got here safely!!! We already LOVE him. Thanks again.

She is doing very well.


Hi Elton. Gracie is 9 months old today. She is doing very well. Hope all is well with you & your family.


Most beautiful dog ever!

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We received ‘Mr. Asher’ who we renamed Oliver and he is even more gorgeous in person than in the photos! Elton was great to work with and the whole process was smooth. The delivery driver was very friendly also! You can tell these dogs are well-loved. We couldn’t be happier! I would highly recommend this

Megan Hlavacek

He was so excited!!

IMG 5547 puppy review

Jethro and June are doing great!!  We are so very thankful for them and are so glad we chose two puppies. They are so sweet and loving together. This was our son meeting them for the first time. He was so excited!! Thank you so much!!!!

We’ve had our Puppy

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We’ve had our Puppy for 2 Weeks she is awesome. She is spunky and very sweet. She already is telling us when she needs to go outside. She gets along with our 3 other dogs and even our kitten. She is such a good puppy. We lover her personality and she makes us laugh. She

Randy Rochefort

Thank YOU!!

IMG 1406 Coda

Thank YOU!! We love Coda so much – he’s had quite an adventurous day! He is super smart and already knows handshake and has warmed up so well with us and goes to fetch sticks. We only had him one day!!

Thank you so very much!!

IMG 4221 daisyMae

We are having such a fun time with DaisyMae! She is everything we had hoped she would be! She is sweet and happy! Thank you so very much!!

We are thrilled.

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Thank you guys so much!!! He’s so sweet and loving. He is such a calm little guy. We are thrilled.


IMG 6677 madison

We got Madison! Thanks!❤️ She is the cutest thing on the earth!

We just Love her

IMG 2676 sheila

We just Love her – such a sweet little girl!!!! ❤️ She is everything we had hoped for. Her temperament is very good!!! Thank you!


She is adorable

IMG 2179 pup review

Elton, they just delivered Grace to us. She is adorable. Very sweet and cuddly. We love her already. Thank you so much for letting us have her.

 Our sweet girl arrived!!!

IMG 1427 pup review
Elton and family, Our sweet girl arrived!!! We can tell she was taken care of so well and had lots of playtime and attention. We thought you might like to see a picture of Baylee (Ms. Caroline) on her first morning of patrol duty in her new yard. Lots of things to explore and learn.

Bob and Cyndee Biggers

A Perfect Match

IMG 2566 pup review

We renamed Maxi, RagsaMuffin. He had his well check at our vet on 5/19/22 and received perfect results.  We are so happy with our little Bernedoodle.  He is a perfect match for us!  Thank you.

We love Winston!

Pup Review 5 19 22 e1653681820417

Hi Elton…just wanted you to know Jasper is now Winston. He checked out at the vet and is doing great. We love Winston and he loves his new home!

We love our new puppy

FullSizeRender review
We love our new puppy, Coco… We have had her for 2 weeks… She is so Wonderful!! She Follows all kinds of commands… Give me Paw… Sit… Down… Kiss and she started banging the keys on my other dog’s toy piano…We have had 4 Shelties in the past who were great ….and have a 3-year-old

The Perfect Fur Baby

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We are absolutely in love with our puppy , formally Isabelle ,now Sookie Mae . Elton was wonderful to deal with ,always helpful in answering questions promptly . His children clearly do a beautiful job taking care of and nurturing the puppies as she came to us very friendly and well socialized . She came

Lisa Saracino


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Honey (Sasha) is literally the sweetest little girl ever. She is pure love and absolute joy. She will be trained to be an emotional support and service animal. She is so incredibly smart. Elton thank you for walking me through the process of getting Honey, as I was extremely skeptical because I live in AZ.

Monika Platt

Izzy on her first birthday!!

IMG 6952 izzy

Hi! Just wanted you to see our little girl Izzy on her first birthday!!  We got her from you last year. You had named her Ocean at the time.

She’s fitting in just great

IMG 8077 stella

Hi Elton, Just wanted to update you on Stella. We kept her name!  We love it!  She’s fitting in just great. Her new sister Mabel loves to play with her too! The men that dropped her off were very nice as well. Thanks for everything.


He’s gorgeous!

IMG 0275 gorgeous

He’s gorgeous! We are so happy and can’t thank you enough.

Nervous Out-of-State Buyer, now exceedingly happy

02 M JaceIMG 7902 600x840 1
I live in Arizona and was extremely nervous about purchasing a puppy out of state, and I try to be a good pup owner and avoid puppy mills. But I couldn’t find a mini-bernedoodle in AZ in our budget and so I reached out to the Bernedoodles. I was still very nervous but I scheduled

Micaela Cheatham

Thank You!!!!

IMG 4486 perfect review

We got her last night, she is perfect 😍 thank you!!!!

Elton was terrific to work with.

IMG 4945 Potter

Here’s Potter, our boy from Elton and The… healthy, funny, sweet, happy, and sooooo adorable. Elton was terrific to work with. 😊😊

Thank you so much!

IMG 4894 puppy review

Thank you so much! We are already in love with Hero aka Sam.

 He is so Lovable

Resized Resized 20220415 173010 brady
Hello! This is Tammy M.  Willie (Brady) had his 4month shots today. He is getting to be a big boy. He now weighs 21lbs. Last month was 14lbs. He is doing wonderful.  He is so lovable and loves people. Loves to go for walks and layout in the backyard. I thank God I was able

Tammy M

Part of our Family!!

IMG 8260 part of family

We are so in love with our new baby. Happy to be a reference if ever you need one!  We are just so blessed to have her as part of our family!!

Hit of the Neighborhood!!


We have renamed Molly “Nala” (from the Lion King)! She is doing great and is the hit of the neighborhood!!

We Are So Happy!

IMG 7368 puppy review

Good morning! We received Wilson and are so happy! Thank you!

Thank you!

IMG 4718 puppy review

My husband and the kids fell in love instantly.  Thank you! My daughter walked Gabe before going to school this morning.  And she forgot to brush her teeth!

Funny, Sweet, Happy!

IMG 4615 e1648837992934

Here’s Potter; our boy from Elton and The…healthy, funny, sweet, happy, and sooooo adorable. Elton was terrific to work with😊😊

He is awesome!

IMG 2167

We received wade and he is awesome! Thank you.

Thank you again!

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Thank you again!  We named him Leo and he is an amazing addition to our family!!!

Absolutely Adorable!

Absolutely Adorable Puppy

I just wanted to reach out and tell you the puppy arrived and he’s absolutely adorable. My daughters are in love with him. Thank you

Very loving and intelligent

lovingandintelligent puppyreview

Very loving and intelligent girl. We are working on potty training. She is incredibly friendly with everyone she meets. We really love her and are enjoying her so much. Thank you, Elton!!

Can’t believe she is ours.

Puppy Review Baby

Happy arrival to a very sweet baby. Can’t believe she is ours. Thebernedoodles is more than we had hoped for and what a good delivery service!!

Everything we hoped for!

Puppy Review Bruce

Bruce is loving our family! He is everything we hoped for!

Wonderful, Smart, and Loving

Puppy Review Wonderful

Zuzu had her second trip to the groomers. She is the most wonderful, smart, and loving puppy ever. She has sure brightened our days. ❤️🐾❤️

Love My Puppy

20220307 124927

What a wonderful family to work with. Brady now Willie is such a great little boy. He has adjusted really well in his new furever home. He is doing pretty good with potty training. I highly recommend this breeder if you are looking to get a bernedoodle.

Tammy muniz

My Beautiful Babies

The Bernedoodle breeder owners… Have the best puppies ever they are a top Quality Breeder. I spent over a year talking to so many different breeders all over the United States. This family has some of the prettiest dogs and they are not all about the money. They have a lot of love for their

Frances Frad

Luna ❤️🐾

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We are still so in love with our sweet girl, Luna (Ms. Olivia). She is 17.4 lbs at 4 months old & healthy, happy. & well-loved. Thank you Minibernedoodles. ❤️

Ruth Coffman

We are so so happy!!

the bernedoodles review

Thank you, thank you she has arrived!  We are so so happy. How lovely!!


Dex scaled e1645132846513

In love!!! He is the perfect pup!


He is so beautiful!!


Nolan at his forever home. He is so beautiful!! Everything went very smoothly. Thank you so much! The family is in love with Mr. Nolan! Thank you!

Thank You!


Thank you for our sweet boy!!

We love Her!!

Snow Dog Review

She loves the snow! Lol, She is such a favorite. We love her!!

Funny energetic sweetheart!

Review Image 4

This is my Granddog from a litter last year. Bixby! She is a very loving, funny energetic sweetheart. She has long eyelashes, & is such a Character. ❤

We love our little Murphy!

Review Image 3

I just got my mini Bernedoodle from The Bernedoodles two weeks ago and he is the best puppy! I highly recommend this breeder! He was hand-delivered to us and the whole process was easy! We love our little Murphy!

Such a wonderful pup.

Review Image 2
Good evening Elton- we are the family that adopted Delight the mini Bernedoodle just before Christmas. We re-named our beautiful girl Bella and just want to thank you for everything. Bella has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She is so smart and so incredibly loving. I cannot express to you how much

I adore her.

Review Image 1

Our new baby is only 11 weeks, she is full of energy.  She loves to be close by all of the time.  I adore her. ❤️ Received my mini from on Wednesday. They are legit and the best.

So lovable and so smart!

Bernadoodle Review 2

This is my Bernedoodle. She is 13 weeks old. I got her from She is so lovable and so smart.

He is a great dog!

Bryce Review Photo

Just wanted to let you know Bryce is doing well. He is a great dog and really really smart. We call him Korky and love him very much.

Ms. Olivia (now Luna Mae)

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Absolutely love her. ❤️ You all were so easy to work with. I’ve been looking for just the right mini bernedoodle since this summer. When I saw a pic of her I just knew. ❤️ Also the transport nanny’s were awesome too. I highly recommend Elton. I can tell your son has loved these puppies,

Ruth Coffman

Just want to say THANK YOU!

Just want to say THANK YOU! The pup arrived around 11:15pm last night. My wife and I are excited that it all worked out and our pup is a perfect fit! I will highly recommend you in the future to others. Our pup is a HUGE hit with all that are seeing pics and meeting

Our pup Denali has been a joy!

Puppy Picture Review for The Bernedoodles

Our pup Denali has been a joy!  He is precious and my dad and sister want micros from you!

We are so in love!

Review for The Bernedoodles

Thank you so much for everything! We are so in love!❤️

He is the smartest little puppy I could have ever imagined!

1 17

Thank you so much for our little Joshua. He is the smartest little puppy I could have ever imagined getting. He is already potty trained and holds out his paw when we tell him too. We are so in love. He’s an awesome pup. We renamed him Trooper.

Zoey is an angel!

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First of all I need to say that Elton was super awesome and very nice! We absolutely LOVE our Dorcus (now Zoey- to match with our other pets) SO MUCH. She is amazing!!! She is the sweetest and so smart! She is well-loved by the 6 of us. She is also super great with our

Brittany Proctor

Could not be more pleased!

1 16

Elton, you are the best!  We have your Oscar and now our Yogi and we could not be more pleased with him and you for allowing us to bring him into our family!  You are a wonderful person and breeder of Bernedoodles!  Merry Christmas to you and your family!

She brought so much excitement and spirit to our family!

1 15

Just wanted to pass that we received our new puppy this morning. Since she brought so much excitement and spirit to our family, it’s only fitting that we named her “Joy” to represent our feelings and the time of season! She is so precious. Thanks again Elton and many blessings during our holy season!

The Gonzalez Family

She is a lovely baby!

1 14

We named her Daisy, she did excellent on the car ride. She is a lovely baby.

Honesty, integrity, trustworthy

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I can tell you that we love our Gracie. She is a feisty, loving and very smart young puppy. Her breeder family can be more than trusted to back up any of their promises and contracts. You can feel comfortable making your buying decision with them. Thank you to the Yoder’s for keeping Gracie healthy

Lani Renneau

We are so happy with Daisy!

1 13

We are so happy with Daisy (Wanita)! She is so smart and is doing very well in northwest Ohio!

Mike Yeo

Rowdy is very sweet and living up to his name!

1 12

I got a puppy from you several months ago and gave your number to my friend. Rowdy is very sweet and living up to his name! 😀

Shea Hale

She’s adorable!

1 11 scaled e1639490314485

Thank you so much for everything. We got our puppy and she’s adorable!

Arrived safely! Thank you for everything.

1 10 copy

Trixie arrived safely! Thank you for everything! Such a little sweety. The delivery people were so nice and friendly. I will name her Trixie, Bringer of Joy!!

We are loving our girl!


Just wanted to tell you how much we are loving our girl! Thank you!

Perfect Little sister!

A915163B F328 4B43 8AB7 16437267CA16
My 3yr old standard Bernedoodle, Ava, needed a little sister. Amber, the new addition to our little family, has been such an easy fit! They are like two peas in a pod. One minute chasing each other and the next cuddling together. The adoption process was simple and efficient and my vet said ‘she’s a

Carmen Chevalier

My grandkids are in love with her!


Wilka (now Darby) is doing great! She’s such a sweet little girl. My grandkids are in love with her too. Thanks!

He is super sweet and is so good with the cats!


Israel (now Charly) is doing so great! He knows how to sit and shake and we’ve only had him for a week! He is super sweet and is so good with the cats. He found a big brother and he loves him very much.

Soooo in love!


Thanks! I’m soooo in love I can’t concentrate on work! Thanks for making the adoption effortless. The delivery driver was excellent! Amber has found a big friend in our other dog and they love each other. She is such a sweet little puppy.

He’s doing great and slept through the night!

Kyle Puppy

Wanted to let you know we are loving our Kyle. He’s doing great and slept through the night. Thanks so much for all the help; we’re thrilled to have him!

Love Our Puppy!

Harli Rose e1637173557304

Enjoyed talking with the staff. All of ours questions were answered and the delivery went great. Since day one, Harli Rose has slept all night in her kennel, amazing! Thank you!

Michele Friday

We are loving Peanut!


We are loving Peanut! Just wanted to again say THANK YOU!

Yogi is the best!


Here’s Yogi from The Bernedoodles cheering on the Georgia Dawgs. He is the most special puppy ever!

We love our Puppy

We bought Benji this past week, and he is exactly the type of dog we wanted. Cute, playful, loving, and super friendly. I am so glad we can welcome him into our family.

Christopher Birkmeyer

Thank you SO much!

1 2 e1635884176494

Thank you SO much! Ms. Isabella is perfect!!!

The smartest, sweetest puppy ever!

1 1

I highly recommend Elton Yoder’s puppies! We have one of his puppies name Yogo and he is the smartest and sweetest puppy ever. Yogi was completely potty trained at 4 months! His vet still cannot believe his wonderful disposition!

Nancy Coleman

River Rose Theodora McQueen

E129453C 1CEC 49AF A33F D5104B93DB82

We are so in love with our little girl. She is so smart, loving and such a comedian. We don’t know what we would do without her!

Robin McQueen

Loving our little lady!

IMG 2318 e1634578350416

We are truly loving our little lady! Such a great pup.

Mike White

Best Mini Bernedoodle Breeder

Resized Resized 20210923 1247142
I randomly came across this website as we were looking for a Mini Bernedoodles. I was a little nervous to buy a pup without seeing it and with also hearing how so many companies are just scammers. However, this Breeder was amazing! Very pleasant and extremely helpful with answering all of my questions before purchasing

Shelie Desmond

The experience was perfect!

1 e1634139692935

We are so glad we used this breeder. The experience was perfect. There was constant contact with the breeder and then the delivery company. They updated us all the way in, up until 10 minutes away. Here is a picture of our perfectly healthy “Sugarbear”.

James Sickle

Jethro aka Loki

DB92AC28 7457 4728 B41D 9445A8A30557

I have never purchase a puppy on line and I was a bit hesitant but we are so happy with our puppy. He is smart and pretty calm for a puppy. Arrangements were made for ground transport. Good communication by breeder and transport. Everything checkout great at the vet. We love our new puppy ♥️

Tina Gordon

Proud Pet Parents!

64107062 B388 494C B8F5 5F02AF9CE45B

She’s been with us a month now and has adapted well! What a fluff ball! Very lovable and is a precious part of our family. ❤️

Chris and Lisa Anderson

We adore her!

IMG 1614 scaled e1629207642503
Miss Winnie is doing quite well!! She has been a traveler already! Spent Saturday at an Amish farm as they work for my husband and invited us to a picnic with them. Yesterday, she went to Purdue where our daughter goes to school! Doing well with potty training and loves to bite everything! She is quite a

We love our Moxie!

IMG 6163

Just wanted to send a little note… We call her Moxie. ❤️ She’s almost 4 months and 17 lbs. We love her so much! Thank you!!

Dawn in CA

We love our Puppy!

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We’ve had our puppy just shy of a month and she could not have been a better fit for our family! She is such a sweet dog and acts just like one of our kids. We are so happy with her. Thank you!

Leslie Trumbull

Mowgli was delivered by the

382105F4 8050 4E85 A257 E19B642E98B7

Mowgli was delivered by the pet transport and everyone was super nice and great communication! He has been the sweetest, calmest puppy I’ve ever owned. The Vet spoke about how healthy and sweet he was also. I will definitely be getting another from them 😊

Emily Rae

We can tell she was loved!

Here we were last night picking up Zara  She has so much attention here at our home. She loves Pebbles our labradoodle and Pebbles loves her. She has a huge yard she loves to run around in. She is so curious when she sees our chickens. By the way, your son must have given her


We Love Our Ruby!

3255C8FF 1986 494F 879B 4A356BCE6291

Our new puppy arrived this week, happy and healthy! The breeder was great to work with; he was excellent with communicating and coordinating the plan for transitioning Ruby into her forever home. Our family will absolutely recommend this breeder to people in the Massachusetts area!

Courtney Finocchiaro

We love our new bernedoodle!

1004FDA9 37F2 4618 8E17 6569463CB0E2
Everyone was excellent to work with and understood our concerns with buying a puppy online. We FaceTimed with her and fell in love and no disappointment when she arrived! The breeder & transport company are both amazing and couldn’t have asked for a better experience! We love our baby girl so much and so happy

Chelsea Thompson

Extremely grateful to have found The Bernedoodles!

On July 9, we brought home the sixth member of our family. He has been such a welcomed joy to our lives. We couldn’t be happier working with The Bernedoodles. Everyone was efficient, clear and communicative. We felt included in our puppy’s first 8 weeks. We received weekly videos and pictures and the transition seamless.

We Love Rose!

We love Rose! She is absolutely adorable and sweet! Thank you for the pleasant experience.

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thumb Amy Martin
March 17, 2022

Elton and his family do an excellent job taking care of their mini-bernedoodle puppies and getting them ready to be adopted. We loved working with them and will recommend The... read more

thumb Weldon Hostetler
March 17, 2022

Elton and his family are always great to work with and have the most beautiful Mini Bernedoodle Puppies around!

thumb Trenton Hostetler
September 17, 2022

I had a great experience with them. They worked with me. Knew how much I wanted one and exactly what I was wanting. Would let me know every time they... read more

thumb Tammy Hartman
March 17, 2022

thumb Jasmin Soto
November 10, 2022

We LOVE our mini Bernedoodle!!!

thumb Elton Yoder
September 17, 2022

We found our beautiful puppy online. I was a little reluctant to buy online but she is the most wonderful puppy. Obviously Elton and his family care deeply for their... read more

thumb mike baker
March 17, 2022

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