The best decision ever: Life with 5 month old Mr. Butter

Puppy Name: Mr. Abner now Butter

"The best decision ever: Life with 5 month old Mr. Butter"

August 10, 2023

I am so grateful for the joy that Butter (formerly Abner) has brought to my life and my family. He is a wonderful puppy. He is playful, smart and such a gift to have in my family. I was definitely in the mindset, ‘this has to be too good to be true’ but everything from his purchase to having him hand delivered to me in Wisconsin went well. It would be nice to have an info sheet on “Here’s what to know with your new puppy’. I fortunately had a friend who had a puppy a year prior who informed about their weak immune system and need for additional vaccines apart from the ones given by the breeders at 8 weeks. Apart from wishing more guidance from the breeders, information on his parents, this was a great decision and I would recommend this breeder to anyone looking to bring a furry friend home.


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