Our sweet girl arrived!!!

" Our sweet girl arrived!!!"

May 27, 2022
Elton and family,
Our sweet girl arrived!!! We can tell she was taken care of so well and had lots of playtime and attention. We thought you might like to see a picture of Baylee (Ms. Caroline) on her first morning of patrol duty in her new yard. Lots of things to explore and learn. She already heard the neighbor’s mule sighing and saw her first sand lizard!
She arrived yesterday afternoon in New Mexico after her long flight all happy and healthy. We thought she might be tired but she must have slept most of the trip. She was rearing to go and even got a case of the “zoomies” running around the house when she got home.
She is absolutely beautiful! We can already tell she is smart, loyal, and yes just a little goofy.
We want to thank you for all your hard work in delivering these bundles of love and joy to so many families. Please know that your family mission makes a difference. Thanks again and have a blessed day.
Bob and Cyndee Biggers

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