Best Mini Bernedoodle Breeder

"Best Mini Bernedoodle Breeder"

October 18, 2021

I randomly came across this website as we were looking for a Mini Bernedoodles. I was a little nervous to buy a pup without seeing it and with also hearing how so many companies are just scammers. However, this Breeder was amazing! Very pleasant and extremely helpful with answering all of my questions before purchasing and even questions that I had after receiving our puppy. He even sent a video and pictures for us. Our little guy was personally driven down to us in Florida and delivered right on time as promise by the Breeder. Our sweet boy Migo was in great spirits when he arrived. This Breeder is definitely doing something right with his Mini Bernedoodles because Migo was nearly potty trained, is very obedient and a wonderful sleeper… which is huge! Migo slept straight through the night, 8hrs his first night home. I thought it was just from him being exhausted with the journey from Ohio to Florida but that wasn’t he case. He sleeps every night 8-8.5hrs straight without one peep once he goes in his crate. Migo is extremely smart, happy, healthy and very friendly. We’re so pleased with the decision we made in picking The Bernedoodles when purchasing our pup. I would highly recommend them to anyone. When our older dog passes we’ve already decided that we will definitely be purchasing another puppy from them 🙂 Good luck with your new puppy, you won’t be disappointed.

Shelie Desmond

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